Love Songs & Lullabies



love songs and lullabies

“Love Songs and Lullabies” creating modern jazz standards for a new audience and introducing jazz to young parents and their families. Featuring 15 of Toronto’s premiere musicians and 15 of Canada’s top vocalists.

 Celebrating more than 50 years performing and being involved in music, Keith Whiting has now turned his creative talent to creating a new album “Lullabies and Love Songs”. This collection of jazz lullabies and love songs is intended to introduce jazz to a whole new audience while providing a new music repertoire for musicians, singers and jazz station playlists.

Collaborating with 15 of Canada’s top jazz musicians to write and perform this unique collection of original songs, this album will be loved by parents, babies and jazz lovers.

The idea for the album was simple; write 15 sets of lyrics, give them to 15 different musicians with the only parameter – write a great jazz song! Then with a rhythm section of Vito Reza, Scott Alexander and Dave Restivo, each musician will play their composition, alongside a vocalist chosen by them.

Musicians on the project include:

Russ Little, Bruce Cassidy, Aaron Davis, Joe Sealy, Bill King, Dave Restivo, Scott Alexander, Vito Reza, Kobenna Harrison, John Capek, Michael Stuart, John Roby, Donald Quan, Lou Pomanti

Singers include:

Jackie Richardson, John Alcorn, Michael Danso, Michael Stuart, Shakura Saida, John Roby, Maureen Murphy, Gavin Hope, Annie Bonsignore, Cornelia Luna


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