Sync Licensing

sync licensing

Sync Licensing for TV, Film, Commercial, Video Games

If you need music for your TV show, film, commercial, video games etc. Olive Music Group owns the Master Rights to many songs on albums released by OMG as well as other songs published by us.

Owning the Master Rights makes it easy for filmmakers, TV producers, and brands to license music to use in your projects.

Our music catalogue includes songs in a variety of genres of highly relevant music readily available for sync licensing.sync licensing

We constantly update our catalogue, so check back often.

To get started choose a category and listen to the samples.

Once you find a piece you like simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you very quickly. Or if you are in a real hurry and you need that sync license ‘Right Now” call us at 416 658 7070.

Moody Jazz – Female Vocal

Country – Male Vocal

Funky Nursery Rhymes

Christmas & Holiday Music

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